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PEN Film (Polyethylene-naphthalate Film)
Teonex® PEN Film (Polyethylene-naphthalate Film) is the world's first polyethylene-naphthalate (PEN) film developed and commercialized by Teijin. PEN Film has many superior properties such as strength, heat resistance, anti-hydrolysis, dimensional stability, low oligomer extraction, etc. PEN Film is used in a wide range of electrical and electronics applications including flat-panel displays, touch panels and dry photo resist, information-related applications, high density data storage tapes, IC card, FPC, and automotive applications. It is also used in electronic components such as capacitors, electric insulation, battery and for optical purposes.
The series of Benzocyclobutene (BCB)
Benzocyclobutene (BCB) is an important chemical material for preparing a large type of high performance polymer materials. The Chemical Abstracts Registry Number (CAS) of BCB is [694-87-1]. BCB can be used to synthesis many benzocyclobutene monomers by chemical modified, which can be polymerized further to product corresponding oligomers or BCB resins

Benzocyclobutene resins have broadly used in microelectronic industry and can be used in the encapsulation of microelectronic equipment such as military affairs and aerospace fields, for example: the dielectric member materials in Multi-Center Moulds integration circuit (MCM) and Microelectronic Mechanism System (MEMS). On the other hand, the resins can also be used in the encapsulation of Liquid Crystal Device (LCD).
The Series of Squaric Acid
Squaric acid is also called as quadratic acid. Squaric acid and derivatives are used mainly as intermediates for preparing the medical, dyes and photosensitive materials.They are also used to synthesize photosensitive squaraine dyes.
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