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Low Oligomer PET Film for Compressors
Low oligomer polyester film (e.g. Lumirror® X10S, Melinex ® 238, Diafoil® UX01) was specifically developed for use as an insulating material for slot liner, closure,and interphase electric motors. It has an excellen hydrolytic stability, a minimal content of extracted oligomer, a thermal stability that is higher than most PET films, and an excellent chemical resistance.
Low oligomer polyester film is suitable for use in Class B motor and compressor insulation, especially for rotary compressor motors for refrigerators and air conditioners.
Low Shrinkage PET Film for Membrane Switches
Polyester Film (e.g. Lumirror® T56, Melinex® ST505) has a heat stabilized film with low shrinkage, high transparency, excellent adhesion to a wide range of solvent based inks, graphics inks and varnishes, silver conductive inks and dielectric inks. This PET film can be used in all applications which require high transparency and dimensional stability, especially membrane switch, and graphic uses
Transparent Polyester Film
Transparent Polyester Film (e.g. Lumirror® S10, Mylar ® EL, Diafoil® S100) is a standard polyester film used in various industrial applications which require standard transparency and good handling properties. It also has good electrical properties and good dimensional and thermal stability. Application:
• Electrical insulation for motor, transformer, choke coil, wire and cable
• Flexible print circuit (FPC), Membrane switch
• Die cut electrical insulation parts ,
• Mold release,
• Adhesive tape, spiral tube
Hazy Polyester Film
Hazy Polyester Film (e.g. Lumirror® H10, Mylar ®® MO, Diafoil® S100) is a hazy plain film with good electrical properties and good dimensional and thermal stability. It has a hazy surface for excellent handling properties,and good stiffness for easy insertion into motors on automatic slot and wedge insertion equipment.
Hazy Polyester film is being widely used for electrical insultation in slot liners, wedges, and phase insulation for motors and generators, diaphragms, and industrial laminations.
Black Polyester Film
Black Polyester film (e.g Lumirror® X30) is a biaxial oriented black PET film. It has high coverage of black, good mechanical properties and good dimensional and thermal stability. Black PET film can be used in a wide range of industries:
• Electrical insulation
• Adhesive tape
• Loudspeakers
• Musical instrument producing
White Polyester Film
White Polyester film (equivalent to Lumirror® E20, Melinex® 329) is a opaque white PET film. It has excellent physical & mechanical properties, good heat resistance and dimension stability.
White Polyester film can be used in a wide range of industries because of its well balanced properties.
• Electrical insulation for motor, transformer, coil, wire and cable tape
• Supporting object of membrane switch
• Basic materials of advertising
• Ink-jet drawing
• Printing, labels
• Picture screen
• White panel
Silicone Coated PET Release Film
Silicone Coated PET Release Film(equivalent to Mylar ®® HR951, Hostaphan 2MRK, PPI 0501) is made of PET Film coated with silicone release material on one or both sides. Because the silicone is highly cured, there will be essentially no migration of the silicone to any adhesive which may be in contact with the film. This product provides excellent slip, low release force, and good dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.
•Electric: inter-liner for moulding of insulation parts
•Electronic: release film used in the lay-up of multi-layer PCB
•Adhesive: inter-liner used for adhesive tape manufacturing
•Plastics: inter-liner for the production of sheets from casting compounds
•Roofing felt: covering and protection film for the adhesive part
•Bitumen: covering and protection film for pipeline wrapping tapes
•Rubber: inter-liner to prevent blocking(self-bonding) of rubber sheeting