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Kapton® B Black Polyimide Film
BN Black Polyimide Film (e.g Kapton® B, LIREN® BN film) is an opaque polyimide film. It has high opacity, excellent physical & mechanical properties, good heat resistance and dimensional stability at elevated high and low tempera¬tures. The matte black color of BN film provides a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance while maintaining key physical properties. The uniform pigmentation provides better colour integrity against flexural cracking or abrasion in comparison to black coatings or dyes. It can be used in a wide range of industries where opacity, low reflectivity, or aesthetics are required.
Printable White Polyimide Film Label
Printable Polyimide Film Label is made of polyimide film coated with a printable high opacity white coating on one side and acrylic adhesive with release liner on the other side. The gloss or matt white coating is designed for thermal transfer printing with resin based ribbons. This film is used as barcode and alphanumeric identification of printed circuit boards and related electronic components
Kapton® MT Thermally Conductive Polyimide Film
MT Polyimide Film (e.g Kapton® MT) is a thermally conductive amber color film, possesses higher thermal conductivity properties than standard polyimide film. This property makes it ideal for applications requiring efficient thermal energy transfer, such as loudspeaker voice coils frame, electrical insulating pads and flexible printed circuit board. Moreover it also can offer an excellent combination of electrical, physical and mechanical properties
Kapton® XC Black Anti-Static Polyimide Film
XC Black Polyimide Films (e.g. Kapton® XC Film) are black electrically conductive films, which are precisely loaded with conductive carbons to produce films with tightly controlled surface resistivity. XC film provides both thermal and anti-static control. XC film can be produced with surface resistances from 104 to 109 ohms/sq., retains all the outstanding inertness, radiation and temperature resistance of other polyimide films, which make them ideal for use in space or other extreme environments.
AL Aluminum Metallized Polyimide Film
AM Aluminum Metallized Polyimide Film consists of a polyimide film coated with aluminum on one side. It not only has excellent low and high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, radiation resistance, and flame resistance, but also has EMI shielding and high thermal conductivity. It is used in a wide range of industries where EMI shielding and efficient thermal energy transfer are required.
Kapton® FPC Polyimide Film
FPC Polyimide Film (e.g Kapton FPC, APICAL Type NP, LIREN® FPC film) is a treated film and has the same excellent balance of physical, chemical and electrical properties over a wide temperature range offered by general-purpose type HN film. It also has superior dimensional stability and excellent adhesion with most adhesion systems, and is specifically designed for flexible circuit manufacturers. In applications where superior adhesion and low shrinkage are important, FPC film is the polyimide film of choice.
Kapton VN Polyimide Film
VN Polyimide Film (e.g Kapton® VN, APICAL® Type NP, LIREN® VN film) is a low-shrinkage film. It not only has the excellent balance of electrical, thermal, mechanical, physical, and chemical properties over a wide range of temperatures as low as C269 (C 452H) and as high as 400C (752H), but also has superior low shrinkage and dimensional stability. It can be used in flexible printed circuit board (FPC), voice coil and other special department which requires superior dimensional stability, good peel strength, and so on.